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“There's nothing a teacher treasures more than to see their pupil succeed.”

There are many occasions when you might want to be sure of your pronunciation!

Whether you need to speak French for business or personal reasons, pronunciation is sometimes a challenge. Need to make a presentation in French or talk to French tourists or even want to fully appreciate your holidays in a francophone country ? I can help you.



Send me your text, and I'll record it for you. I can send you a CD or a downloadable file. Remember that I also can proof-read your text!


How much does it cost?



up to 50 words : £3.75

from 50 to 100 words : £7.50

from 100 to 200 words : £15.00


You can call me on 01237  408437 for more information, or e.mail me at frenchtutor[at]321doit.com

Not the kind of recordings you were interested in? Click here!


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