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Playing and Learning

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“There's nothing a teacher treasures more than to see their pupil succeed.”

A few links to help your learn through play!

  Des chansons avec des exercises amusants!


Special Holiday fun!

xmastree  vivenoel.com

Be careful though, do not click on number 24 in the advent calendar, the pictures flash very quickly

animeaster  Vous avez aimé vivenoel.com?

Vous allez adorer vive-paques.com !EggsF 

Games for the summer hols! 1summer151-med

Lots of games available. For example, go to French, Intermédiaire, Art Attack, Vacances d’été, scrolldown to Jeux and then click on “Viens voir tous nos jeux”. Have a good time!


For some fun activities from Canada click here

ca-150 (368 x 188)

 Thank you to M. Renaud for providing such a wealth of educational fun for everyone to enjoy!



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