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Liste des exercices intéractifs avec son

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“There's nothing a teacher treasures more than to see their pupil succeed.”

Here is the list of the free French interactive exercises with sound, I often add more so it’s worth looking at it again and again. You can also go to the New! page for the latest additions!

There are 3 types of exercises. Progress from Jigsaw to Memory, and finally Spelling. By the time you have finished all these, you will know all the words!

Remember to keep your scores to see if you are improving!


Cognates (cheats’ French!)

High frequency words

Time expressions

Foundation Listening vocabulary

Higher Listening vocabulary

Quality Words

Quelle heure est-il?


Direct Object Pronouns

Indirect Object Pronouns

Idioms 1

Idioms 2

Social activities

Tense recognition exercises

Vocabulaire divers


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