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Learning French is good for you

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“There's nothing a teacher treasures more than to see their pupil succeed.”

Yes, learning French is good for you!

Don’t just take my word for it!


Here are two interesting quotes about the brain and an article about delaying dementia (!)



“The experience of learning a language is good for the brain: it opens up new neural pathways in the brain, so it is particularly good for  increasing your brain power, and - for the older generation - it keeps  that grey matter active” .(ezinearticles.com re learning a language is good for the brain)


But there is some good news. Weil believes that by learning a foreign language we can reduce the risks of getting some of the most common age-related symptoms and diseases such as memory loss and Alzheimer's.

"You don't have to master it," he said. "Just the attempt to learn a language is like running different software through the brain. You're exercising more communication channels in the brain."

Article about Dr Weil and Healthy Aging (the full article)



There is also an article in French that you can read here.


If you are a secondary school student, go to this page for the answers to your question: why learn French?


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