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Interactive exercises

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“There's nothing a teacher treasures more than to see their pupil succeed.”

There are 2 types of French interactive exercises:


Exercises without sound

Exercises with sound


What is the best way to do the exercises ?

Always start with Jigsaw which has all the vocabulary needed for the other exercises. It is best to try all the exercises, even though you will have your favourites, as they use different learning methods and, in order to maximise your learning, you should try to use all the techniques! Once you have mastered the vocabulary without the sound, it’s time to try the same exercises with sound!

Furthermore, if you want to increase your neural paths, you should always do what you find more difficult!

It is also a good idea to note your scores in order to monitor your progress. Indeed, when you want to revise your vocabulary for example, check your new score against your previous ones. You will know what to revise then!


Liste des exercices avec son

Liste des exercises sans son


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