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French crosswords

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“There's nothing a teacher treasures more than to see their pupil succeed.”

Another way of learning and revising vocabulary:

do crosswords !

Mots croisés


You have a choice. Print your crossword and use a pencil or complete your crossword online!

I have used accents so, if you need help with them, click here!


Au café

Aller en ville

Fiche d’identité


La famille

Au collège

Vocabulaire divers


For the following crosswords, I did not use accents as the words appear in capitals in the finished crossword and the use of accents on capital letters is en voie de disparition . The Académie française is not happy about ce modernisme!  It does goes against the grain, it’s true, however I thought it would make it easier for everyone with a QWERTY keyboard! Que faire? Answers on a postcard please!


Quality Words

Idioms 1

Random crosswords

Expressions with the verb faire

Idioms 2



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