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“There's nothing a teacher treasures more than to see their pupil succeed.”

 Who am I?


Born in France, I chose to become a British citizen after my marriage! I have therefore both nationalities. I was brought up in France and in 1971, in order to improve my English, I moved to England to study for a year. Loving the life in England, I decided to train as a French teacher, which I did for three years at Weymouth College of Education. In 1975, I started teaching in Southampton, Hampshire, where I taught for more than 30 years.

I taught adults and students in the primary and secondary sectors and I am very well versed in what is required to pass public exams.  I am an enthusiastic, positive and encouraging kind of teacher who never gives up on anybody!

Throughout my teaching career, I have prepared, and am still preparing, many exercises which you can use for free in this site.

Recognising an individual  student’s learning styles is important and most of the exercises in this site match the three main learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. In addition, the students can strive to beat their personal best in either result or speed, and, to cap it all, have fun! Another interesting thing is a different way to write vocabulary. This is explored in the page about “brain mapping”.

I’ve always thought that the way to learn is to have fun and to feel able to make mistakes without worrying about it. For adolescents in particular, making mistakes in public can be excruciatingly painful for the ego and no wonder that many would rather not attempt something if there is any possibility of “failing” !

Finally, I believe that being positive and optimistic helps with confidence, that is why I devoted a whole section on both.



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